Sunday, February 6, 2011


Yeesh, I haven't written anything in a while.
The explanation I'd love to give you is 'I've been really busy'', but the real excuse is -
I've been going mad.
Lately, I've been wandering around wearing a simple t-shirt and skinny jeans. I've shoved most of my frills in the back of my closet. School is biting my rufflebutt, Prince charming(s) are being ignorant, and I haven't touched my lace since last Christmas.

I've just lost my interest in lolita.

One day, in english class, my friend comes up to me, and she says -
Oh, you're looking normal today. No bows, no pink?

And I looked down at myself and thought, "WHOA."

So today, I decided to pull out my ruffles and went out for a walk in the snow.
And I seem to be back to my old self, after looking through EGL and reading a few other lolita blogs.

So, what keeps you interested in lolita?