Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pantyhose is for grannies.

Today, I was sitting in drama class, minding my own business.

Then one of the girls shouted from across the room-
"Oh my godd, EWWW. Why are you wearing pantyhose? That's what old grannies wear to cover up their wrinkles! I bet you have wrinkles under there too! "

Extremely pissed, I managed to say in a very icy voice - "Now, what will I gain from defeating you with a really witty comeback? Bragging rights? I already have too many of those. I'm just going to leave you with your pride. Trust me, it's the only thing you have left anyways."

What do you think?
Is pantyhose for grannies only?
What should I have said?

The only thing stopping me from attacking her with my razor sharp glittery nails was my new off-brand jsk. (Oh, and the fact that my teacher was right behind me. O_O;)
I paid money and I don't want bloodstains.

On a serious note, I had a strange urge to thank her. My skin just grew a little bit thicker. After reflecting on it, she just took another minute of my life from me.

How do you guys deal with bullies?

I know that as a lolita, you get your normal negative comments. But when someone speaks straight to your face, what do you do?

Do you ignore it?
Or do you fight back?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

How Decoden Saved My Ipod's Life. (REALLY LONG.)

So as I was walking to the bus stop one morning, I was listening to my crazy, decorated Ipod. I took a quick glance at the time, and realized I was late. I was about 4 blocks away and the bus was coming in two minutes.

Running as fast as my little bodyline shoes could carry me, I completely neglected the fact my headphones had fallen out of my ear and that my ipod nano was just a bump away from slipping out of my pocket.

As I approached the bus stop, I saw that the bus was just pulling up, and I started to run faster.

I quickly looked both ways , and sprinted across the street, and heard a little clink noise behind me, but in my frenzy to catch the bus, I ignored it.

I managed to get onto the bus. I said hi to the bus driver, apologized for being late, then went off to take my seat.

As the bus was pulling up to my stop, I remembered that I had left my ipod on. Quickly, I reached into my pocket.

And it was gone.

So for the rest of the day, I wandered around to my classes mindlessly, wondering where my ipod went.

And so at the end of the day, frustrated that I had lost my ipod nano, walked back to the bus and took a seat.

After I had gotten off the bus, I took off in the direction of my house, across the street.

Then I had noticed something sparkling in the middle of the road.

In hopes that it was my Ipod, I ran towards it.
And it was.

I ended up disappointed though.

The jewels and little cake stickers had fallen off and were scattered everywhere along the road, like broken glass.

At that moment, I had started to doubt my excitement. Would it even turn on?

As I walked home, checking my ipod for damage, I noticed there were only 2 dents.
One on the corner of my ipod, and a small crack in the corner of the screen.

Most of the jewels had fallen off, others were hanging by a thread.

As I got home and kicked off my shoes, my mother came up to me and said, 'Oh, I bought you a 10$ I tunes gift card'.

I said thanks, not wanting to say anything about my ipod nano, and ran upstairs to turn on my laptop.

I plugged in my ipod nano.

And to my ecstatic surprise..

It worked.

I literally fell out of my bed.

After taking it to an apple store just in case, I found out that the decoden actually padded it a bit and made it harder to break.

And that, is the tale of how decoden saved my ipod.