Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School- In lolita?

Back. To. School.
Those dreaded words that tell you to start waking up early, and that summer is over.

Now lolita might not be the most practical thing to wear to school. But some of us can't help it. Here are some tips to get you through the busy rush of school.

•Bring something to sit on, if you're taking the bus. (Handkerchief, possibly?)

• Don't use a petti or just use one. Way too much poof. (Desks are way too small to hold the overflowing poof.

• Don't over accessorize. It's going to take a while to take out all those clips before gym class. (Trust me, bad experience. )

• Wear your cheaper items. Especially if you're taking art class. You do not want paint all over your best dress.

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  1. (i had typed out a nice long comment but it ate it ;-;)

    Sense of Humor - people are stupid and will make comments. Take it in stride. Some aren't meant to be malicious. And things may be thrown at you. Call for a teacher or principle (and harpy parents if they do nothing) if it gets out of control. People "baahh"ed as I walked down the hall way. It was awesome that day.

    Extra change of clothes - any number of reasons why you you would want one.

    Smile - Be friendly and appear approachable if someone seems to take an interest. You may make a new friend out of it.

    I'll post more when I think of em.