Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pantyhose is for grannies.

Today, I was sitting in drama class, minding my own business.

Then one of the girls shouted from across the room-
"Oh my godd, EWWW. Why are you wearing pantyhose? That's what old grannies wear to cover up their wrinkles! I bet you have wrinkles under there too! "

Extremely pissed, I managed to say in a very icy voice - "Now, what will I gain from defeating you with a really witty comeback? Bragging rights? I already have too many of those. I'm just going to leave you with your pride. Trust me, it's the only thing you have left anyways."

What do you think?
Is pantyhose for grannies only?
What should I have said?

The only thing stopping me from attacking her with my razor sharp glittery nails was my new off-brand jsk. (Oh, and the fact that my teacher was right behind me. O_O;)
I paid money and I don't want bloodstains.

On a serious note, I had a strange urge to thank her. My skin just grew a little bit thicker. After reflecting on it, she just took another minute of my life from me.

How do you guys deal with bullies?

I know that as a lolita, you get your normal negative comments. But when someone speaks straight to your face, what do you do?

Do you ignore it?
Or do you fight back?


  1. I can't really say anything, because I don't wear pantyhose ( I think that there is a difference between pantyhose and tights. And I tend to wear real stockings with a garter anyway) but i have to disagree with what she said. You have to take into account now that most women have bare legs most days and don't bother with them.

    Congrats with putting up with her comment. It's not always an easy thing to do.

  2. Pantyhose, stockings and tights are aaaall the same thing and are totally not just for grannies.

    Thats like saying rap is only for black people.

    Lolita is only for Japanese people.

    Are you seeing how undoubtedly stupid these comments are? The girl is clearly an idiot with scarce half a brain at her disposal. You shouldn't be mad at her, you should feel sorry for the poor thing for being so intellectually challenged.

  3. I'm sorry, but I found this post kind of funny. Pantyhose are for grannies? I've never heard that before. So, what, are socks for kids? T-shirts for boys?
    anyway, I'm glad you dealt with it well. life is too short to give people like that the time of day.

  4. Call me granny all you want! I tend to wear pantyhose or tights with my more dress non-loli clothing. I LOVE the way black ones make my legs look! XD Pantyhose are for people who know how to dress. ;] haha!
    It's a good thing you didn't strongly react to this young *cough* lady's comment. A good majority of the time when someone makes

    comments like that, they're saying it to get a reaction. It's all game to them. I personally, depending on the motives of the person, will show no negative emotion (because that is what they want), or (with class) confront them and put an end to the silliness.