Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beginner's guide to sewing.

So you're sitting there staring at that beautiful dress that you want, imagining yourself in it, day dreaming. You sigh and exit out of the window.

Everyone has had that feeling of not being able to get something they want, for whatever reason.

As a younger lolita, I don't have credit cards, or the money to spend, and my mother detests internet shopping. Meaning I have to learn to sew.

Lucky for me, I've been taught sewing from my mother.

So here's a few tips for you beginner lolitas:

♥If you're at a loss, ask your mother to help you. If she doesn't have any experience, ask your other relatives or as a last resort, take up lessons.

♥Learn the sewing terms.

♥Shop for a well built, but not over priced sewing machine.

♥If you're not able to buy a sewing machine, learn to hand sew.

♥Start with simple patterns. There's a great tutorial on making headbows by Violet Le Beaux.

Happy Sewing!

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